Social Science & Humanities International
(An International Multidisciplinary Journal)

SSHI is a bi-monthly peer reviewed international open access journal of Social Sciences and Humanities. Social Sciences and Humanities International (SSHI) provides a unique and an intellectual platform for Scholars, Academicians and Scientists for theoretical debates, empirical analyses and promotion of interdisciplinary studies in the field of Social Sciences and Humanities.


Our main aim is to re-invent and disseminate the scientific knowledge and present up-to-date research endeavours from diverse disciplines by promoting open access to current and historical resources and scholarship. We want to be the leading Social Science and Humanities journal in terms of academic substance, scholarly reputation, with relevance to and impact on the social and democratic questions of our times by providing a platform to the professionals of diverse fields to relish and share their research ideas and knowledge. We ardently support the respectful and equitable treatment for all practitioners of Social Sciences.


We are committed to present the comparative research and thoughts from the different schools of the world in readable and useful manner. We strongly encourage and publish thoughtful contributions that put forward insights and perspectives extending knowledge and understanding of inter-disciplinary areas that integrate research and theory from various disciplines such as: Anthropology, History, Cultural Studies, Political Science, Philosophy, Economics, Sociology, Behavioural Science, Geography , Cross-cultural Studies, Demography, Linguistics, International Relations, Public Administration, Literature, Psychology, Education, Forensic Science & Criminology, Environmental Education, Women's Studies, Information Science, Law, Library Science, Ethics, Communication Studies, Religious Studies, Role of NGOs in Society and role of Mass Communication.
SSHI publishes original articles, review articles, case studies, conceptual notes, short reports, letters and book reviews.


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