Social Science & Humanities International
(An International Multidisciplinary Journal)

Volume : 2, Issue : 1, Date : 30/10/2018

Title Authors Page No Abstract HTML Abstract PDF Full Article
Trends in growth and composition of macro sectors of Jammu and Kashmir state: An analysis from 1995-2015 Fayaz A Wani 30-41 HTML
Changing pattern of economic development and employment in India: An interstate analysis A.H Padder 21-29 HTML
Historic Cock fight among the Santals: An anthropological view Parikshit Chakraborty 13-20 HTML
Human Rights of Women: With Special Reference to Jammu & Kashmir Bashir Ahmad Sheikh and Dr. Sona Shukla 7-12 HTML
Right to Health: An Indian outlook Dr.Mugabe Jean Baptiste 1-6 HTML



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