Social Science & Humanities International
(An International Multidisciplinary Journal)

Volume : 1, Issue : 2, Date : 4/30/2021

Title Authors Page No Abstract HTML Abstract PDF Full Article
Teacher-Learners Relationship During Online Learning Environment Geeta Dhasmana 8-14
An Empirical Study on the Factors Affecting Brand Loyalty of Mobile Phone Users Manmohan Chaudhry 1-7
Migration as an End Product of Climate Change in Africa: A Case Study of Fulani Herdsmen in Nigeria Obiwuru Chidera Rex 11-18
Strategies to Live Healthy Even with Long-term Health Conditions Minimol K, Preetha Menon, Sangeetha N 1-10
Community-based approach in a catastrophic situation in developing nations: The way forward Nizeyimana Fidele and Mutabazi Placide 27-34
Abuse of Child Rights in India: A Brief Review G.N Bhat 14-26
Income generation through agricultural and sericulture crops at farmers level in two major districts of West Bengal: A Comparative study Susovan Sarkar, Mahasankar Majumder, Kunal Sarkar, Roshni Roy and Anindita Goswami 1-13
Creativity among adolescents across educational boards Shallu Rana, C.K.Singh and Shamli Rana 6-12
A Study of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn- an Acerbic Satire on American Institutionalism Mohammad Aasif Dar, Sajad Ahmad Wani and Gh.Nabi Bhat 1-5
Political Participation of Women in Jammu and Kashmir-An Overview Shahbaz Jabbar and T. Jothiramalingam 26-31
Influence of School Environment on Psychological Well Being of Underprivileged Children Manju Rani and C.K.Singh 20-25
Protection of Women Prisoner Rights in India - An Overview V.Nivedha and Neelam Pandey 14-19


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